Our People

Stephen Ingrouille


Stephen Ingrouille has been working in the sustainability field for over 37 years. He is the principal of Going Solar Pty Ltd, a leading Australian based renewable firm established in 1978.

He was a founding member of the Alternative Technology Association (1976); the Appropriate Technology Retailer’s Association (1979); the Sustainable Living Fairs (1998); and the Sustainable Living Foundation (1999).

In 2004, Stephen was a finalist in two categories of the Banksia Environmental Awards: Australians Working for a Sustainable Future and the Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year. In August 2006 he won the Melbourne Award which recognised thirty years of Contribution to Environment.

Mark Donaldson

Solar Hot Water Specialist, Manager

Mark joined Going Solar in 2007 specialising in solar hot water design and sales, from a background including a degree in Physics from Melbourne University, technical sales and service roles in the IT industry, TAFE teaching and small business management.

He quickly achieved success in the solar hot water field and during his time at Going Solar has won the annual Australian Clean Energy Council Award for Excellence in Solar Hot Water System Design and Installation three times. From 2007 to 2014 he has been directly involved in the installation of just under one thousand solar hot water systems throughout Victoria.

In addition to his vast knowledge of domestic and commercial solar hot water systems, Mark has excellent knowledge of renewable energy and passive thermal (heating and cooling) systems, photovoltaics and sustainability in general.

Narayan Kafle

Grid Connect PV System Designer, Sr. Engineer

Narayan has been working at Going Solar since 2008 specialising in Commercial PV system design and sales. A Clean Energy Council accredited PV system designer, Narayan has a M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Systems and Management from the University of Flensburg, Germany.  Narayan has over 15 years of experience working in government, university teaching, renewable energy system (PV, micro-hydro, biogas) design and implementation, renewable energy policy, rural energy management/planning, and carbon trading (CDM).  Narayan has also been involved with innovative applications of PV and Building Integrated PV (BIPV) systems at Going Solar.

While working as a renewable energy professional and government executive in Nepal, Narayan presented a number of papers on rural (renewable) energy representing the country.  In addition to his knowledge of commercial PV systems, Narayan bears good knowledge of global warming & climate change (adaptation & mitigation), renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon accounting and sustainability in general.

Josie Zhang,CPA

Financial Controller

Josie joined Going Solar as a Financial Controller in 2011. Her duties include all the accounting work including preparation of financial statements, tax returns, project cost analysis, and business performance evaluation.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Engineering with scholarships, she moved to Melbourne in 2008. She completed this study at the University of Melbourne with a Master of Accounting and is a member of CPA Australia.

Believing strongly in her responsibility to serve clients, Josie works closely with the electricity retailers and distributors to carry out many exciting and challenging tasks.

Emiliano Moroni

PV System Designer

Emiliano joined Going Solar at the end of 2016 fresh from Italy where he was working as technical consultant and solar system planner. He has a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering and a Certificate in Photovoltaic System Design. He has worked in various fields including energy efficiency, solar thermal design and pollution assessment. He brings a wealth of international experience to Going Solar.

Emiliano’s passion is helping people design solar systems. He is also a good cook and brings delightful snacks into the office to share.

Alan Bates

PV System Designer

Alan joined Going Solar in 2008 specialising in solar PV sales and design, from a background including a Diploma of Electrotechnology Renewable Energy from Swinburne University, a long history of technical service in the computer industry, and an ancient BE (Elec) from Monash University.

Alan has excellent knowledge of renewable energy, photovoltaics, sustainability in general, and the retail section of Going Solar.

Ross Shaw

Lead Installer PV, Site Supervisor (Subcontractor)

Ross has worked closely with Going Solar since being nominated as a preferred installer in 2012.   He is a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC), A Grade Electrician, Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited PV Designer and CEC Accredited Installer for both grid connected and off grid systems.  Ross has worked in the solar industry for the last 6 years and has installed over 3000 systems including off grid, and hybrid solar systems. Ross has vast experience in the electrical industry working for some of the largest electrical contractors in Victoria.  Supervising a team of electrical subcontractors Ross is Lead Installer and Site Supervisor for residential and medium to large scale commercial projects.

By employing CEC approved solar installers that are all electrical contractors, Going Solar can ensure a very high level of industry knowledge and experience for each of our install teams.  Going Solar has very exacting quality requirements and by employing the same subcontractors quality control, repeatability and attention to detail can be ensured for our clients with a successful delivery outcome each and every time.