Find out how we can help you go solar:

Solar Electricity (Grid Connected)

Looking to go solar for your electricity? Consider a grid-connected solar power system, expertly designed using quality components, and built to last.

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Solar panels installed by Going Solar

Solar Electricity (Off Grid)

Want to go off the grid? We'll design and install a high quality off grid solar power system, so you enjoy clean, reliable power for many years.

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off grid solar system

Solar Electricity (Hybrid)

A hybrid solar system combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of a grid connected system with the peace of mind of a battery backup.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Hot water system getting old or on the blink? Replacing it with a quality solar hot water system makes economic and environmental sense.

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solar hot water system

System Clean & Health Check

Going Solar's System Clean & Service provides ongoing maintenance and support for your installation

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