9am Friday 22 August @60L Have a Cuppa Sunshine to save the RET

19th August 2014

Cuppa Sunshine |  9am, Friday, 22 August 2014

Solar supporters gather at Australian Conservation Foundation’s 60L Green Building to send a message to Canberra

Going Solar, an award-winning solar installer based in Melbourne, together with Australian Conservation Foundation, are hosting Cuppa Sunshine Morning Tea on Friday 22 August to celebrate solar in Australia and send a strong message to Canberra to protect the Renewable Energy Target.

The event will also launch Australian Conservation Foundation’s new 15kW solar installation on the roof of the 60L Green Building, recently installed by Going Solar.

When:            9am Friday 22 August 2014

Where:           Large meeting room ACF’s 60L Building (rear ground floor),

60 Leicester St, Carlton 3053

What:             Morning tea and casual open forum, writing a letter to our cross bench & federal senators about solar power

As an industry veteran of 36-years and Principal of Going Solar, Stephen Ingrouille wants to continue helping Victorians reduce their electricity bills. During his time in the industry, Stephen has experienced first-hand the ups and downs of various changes in government policy and Feed-in Tariffs. Now more than ever, we need to support continued investment in solar projects and to support the 24,000 solar jobs all over Australia!  

Cuppa Sunshine is an initiative of Solar Citizens, an independent, community-based organisation bringing together millions of solar owners and supporters to grow and protect solar in Australia. With over 5 million Australians living under a solar roof, solar just makes sense!

For one week in August, thousands of people will gather all around Australia to put ol’ fashioned pen to paper and show our cross bench senators just how deeply Australians care about a strong solar future. There’s no question that the future of solar in Australia hangs in the balance. It’s up to us to make sure the senate stays strong and protects the most important policy for solar in Australia, the Renewable Energy Target.

To kick off proceedings, Stephen will make a short presentation about Australian Conservation Foundation’s new 15kW solar installation on the 60L roof, powered by Winaico solar panels and a state of the art Enphase Microinverter System. Over the years, Going Solar has been recognised with several awards for excellence and leadership in domestic and commercial-scale solar PV installations and they say it wouldn’t have been possible without the RET! 

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Available for interview:

Josh Meadows, Media Advisor, ACF

Andrew Gemmell, Building Manager, ACF/60L

Stephen Ingrouille, Going Solar

Duncan Macgregor, Enphase Energy

Darren Gladman, Clean Energy Council CEC



Stephen Ingrouille, Going Solar steve@goingsolar.com.au Mob. 0432 390 018

Miwa Tominaga, Going Solar miwa@goingsolar.com.au


Check out more info on our website here.

Please bring your own pen and a invite your friends, family and colleagues. Everyone is welcome!

Further info:

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Going Solar has recently completed a 15kW solar installation for Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) on Australia’s premier green commercial building - 60L. The 15kW system consists of:

60x 250W Winaico WST-250P6 polycrystalline solar modules

60x Enphase M215 microinverters

Come along to see the solar power production on the web portal and grab a copy of the new case study. Enphase staff will also be in attendance to answer any questions.


Here are some happy snaps post- event:

Darren Gladman, Policy Manager, Clean Energy Council from Olivia Smith on Vimeo.

Darren Gladman talks to solar supporters at a Cuppa Sunshine event hosted by Going Solar, Melbourne, in partnership with the Australian Conservation Foundation. The event was held on Friday 22 August 2014, with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of the Renewable Energy Target.


Darren Gladman, Policy Manager, Clean Energy Council from Olivia Smith on Vimeo.