Abolishing renewable energy target offers short-term gain, long-term pain

30th April 2014

Lenore Taylor reports in The Guardian (30/4/14):

"Abolishing the renewable energy target would deliver small reductions in household electricity bills for the next three years, but after that bills would soar, new modelling shows. ... The Clean Energy Council (CEC), which represents the renewable energy industry, has commissioned its own modelling from ROAM consulting and it concludes that the average household would pay approximately $50 less a year for their power in 2020 with the renewable energy target in place, compared with what they would pay if it was scrapped. Over the decade after 2020 households would be paying more than $100 a year extra for their power, without the RET. ... The CEC said the result could be explained by the fact that more renewable energy minimised the need for the use of gas, the price of which was likely to rise dramatically over the decade as exports force the domestic price into line with international prices."

Read the full article at: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/apr/29/abolishing-renewable-...

Illustration by Kevin Schaffer (Source: Solar Progress 2014)

The report on the Renewable Energy Target is available on the Clean Energy Council website