ATA: Electricity better than gas for Australian homes

4th December 2014

Ecogeneration reports (4/12/14):

"A new report by the Alternative Technology Association has found that many households in Australia would be better off switching from gas to efficient electric appliances.

"The report, Are We Still Cooking with Gas?, found that the combination of increasing gas prices and improving electric appliance efficiency is making electricity a cheaper option for many traditionally gas-fuelled energy needs, such as space heating and water heating and cooking.

"The report also found that new homes and existing electric-only homes in Victoria, NSW, SA, QLD, the ACT and Tasmania are likely to be locking themselves into higher energy costs over the longer term by connecting to the gas network. ATA policy and research manager Damien Moyse said rising wholesale gas prices were already starting to bite and would continue to push up household gas bills. 'No longer can households automatically assume that gas is the cheapest fuel source for household energy needs. This is counter-intuitive to the perception of gas as a cheap fuel over the past three decades', said Mr Moyse.

"In Victoria, where $100 million is being spent to expand the reticulated gas network to rural and regional communities, the research found that despite this massive subsidy, homes would be better off with electricity and efficient electric appliances. ATA senior energy advocate Craig Memery said 'It makes no sense for any state government to spend tens of millions of dollars extending the gas network to country towns when cost-effective electric alternatives exist. Our advice to households is to do your research when your next gas appliance needs to be replaced and don't simply assume that gas is the cheapest option - as you may be locking yourself into higher prices for a long time to come', said Mr Moyse."

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