Australian Companies Going Green

1st October 2014
Cartoon:  What if it's a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing

These days going solar makes good economic sense (with companies like Ikea planning to generate more power than they need) thanks to the significant price reduction in PV panels.

Not so long ago PV panels were installed for other reasons which are still just as valid today. Laura Close sums some of these reasons up nicely in Business Review Australia (30/9/14):

"The benefits from setting some environmentally-friendly plans in place are far-reaching. Perhaps the most attractive upside is saving on energy costs. ... Switch to renewable energy sources or use compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, and revel in the savings.

"Being known as a green firm could potentially attract like-minded employees and consumers. Sustainability and environmentally-friendly concepts contribute in part to a revolution in the way global companies do business, and the trend has many supporters. Make your environmental initiatives part of your marketing campaigns – advertise the changes you are making on your website. You’ll no doubt garner support from the green community.

"Employing these environmentally-friendly plans doesn’t have to be a selfless move – on top of the monetary and personnel benefits, there are also several awards and recognitions for companies that choose to do green business. The Australian Business Awards offer a specific award for sustainability, and Queensland’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection offers several community, eco-efficiency and innovation awards.

"Promoting the green concepts with your employees can have unexpected returns as well. Encouraging healthier diets and more exercise could lead to your workers taking less sick days. ...

"Of course, leaving the planet better than we found it so future generations can enjoy it has a pretty big appeal as well."

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Cartoon Credit: Joel Pett

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