Australian Solar Council says ideology is driving energy policy

12th May 2014

Alexia Attwood writes for the Radio National website (8/5/14):

"The Australian Solar Council has warned the [Federal] government is about to dump its one million solar roofs program, cut the Renewable Energy Target in half, scrap the last remaining federal subsidies for domestic solar panels and axe more than one billion dollars of funding for research into renewable power. ‘Because they have made an ideological choice it is then skewing all of the other decisions they’re making,’ John Grimes, CEO of the Australian Solar Council, told RN Breakfast. ‘This is poor public policy and not in accordance with what the people of Australia want. ... Any smart leader, you would think, would not want to stand on the shore and command  the tide not to come in, to be weathered to the past. Their answer to too much electricity generation is to cut out solar electricity instead of retiring the oldest, least efficient, most polluting generation sources: the old coal fired power stations."

Read the full article and listen to John Grimes' interview with Ellen Fanning on RN Breakfast: