Blessed by the Sun

22nd September 2014
PV on Marysville Police Station

Following the 7th February 2009 Black Saturday fires which virtually wiped out the Victorian township of Marysville, Going Solar was engaged by the Victorian Government to install a photovoltaic system on the roof of the new police station.

I was in Marysville a year or so after the fires as part of world-wide study on how you rebuild communities after man-made or natural disasters – how to build back better. The study resulted in the CSIRO published book Designing to Heal, authored by Jenny Donovan. At the time of the study Marysville was just starting to rebuild but there was still an air of gloom about the place.

I visited Marysville again yesterday as a prelude to a walk in the nearby hills (with the Melbourne Bushwalking Club). It’s Spring, a lovely sunny day and Marysville appears to be booming with much rebuilding and much regrowth in the surrounding hills.

Above is the police station with the solar panels located next door to the information centre. Although it’s a little early for some of the deciduous trees to sprout it was still very green and the solar panels are ideally positioned to harvest the solar energy.

Below are the bush walkers returning to Marysville after a 15.5 km hike and clearly blessed by the Sun.

Bush walking near Marysville

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