Call for 100% power from renewables

7th May 2014

Andrew Blakers argues (The Conversation 7/5/15) that rather than reducing or removing the Renewable Energy Target (RET) we should increase it - to 100%. 

"A prime purpose of the RET is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In conjunction with energy efficiency, the RET has been doing this so effectively that Australia’s emissions from electricity generation have been falling since 2008. The RET allows renewable energy to compete directly with old-build gas and coal power stations as they move towards the end of their useful lives.

"Despite the fact that the government may be preparing to wind back the RET to something more modest, it is not an especially challenging target in its current form. The most likely way to hit the 2020 target will be to deploy wind and photovoltaic (PV) solar power, which are by far the leading types of renewable energy being deployed around the world. To hit the target, Australia will need about 9000 megawatts of new capacity from each of these two technologies.

"Australia already has about 6000 MW of wind and PV capacity, mostly constructed over the past five years. So that means building about 1200 MW each of PV and wind power each year for the rest of the decade. Not too difficult, considering that 1000 MW of PV power was installed in 2012, mostly on rooftops."

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Meantime The Australian (6/5/14) reports that: "Malaysia's development bank IMDB is believed to have secured a JV for the country's largest solar farm, a 50MW project in Kedah...."