Crowdfunding for nuclear power plants?

10th April 2014

A couple of headlines caught my attention today:

Crowdfunding set to top $5bn for rooftop solar

Crowdfunding has the potential to supply US rooftop solar projects with $5 billion of investment within five years … ‘This is ’crowd’ with a capital ’C,’’ [Tim] Newell said ... Crowd isn’t a niche thing. It’s everything but that top handful of institutions.” To date, the so-called crowdfunding model – in which rooftop PV developers solicit funds directly from retail investors, often through websites that tap a large number of small contributions – has attracted almost $100 million in the US, reports Bloomberg.” (Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy, 9/4/14


Tony Abbott's renewable czar: Nuclear only alternative to coal

“Tony Abbott’s handpicked head of the panel reviewing Australia’s renewable energy target, the self-avowed climate ‘sceptic’ Dick Warburton, is no fan of renewable energy. In an article co-authored for Quadrant in 2011, Warburton insisted that nuclear energy was the only alternative to fossil fuel generation.” (Giles Parkinson, Renew Economy, 9/4/14

It would be interesting to see how much crowdfunding a nuclear power plant could receive and who wants it in their backyard.