Cutting the RET: 32,000 gigawatt hours is their final offer

23rd March 2015

John Grimes, CEO of the Australian Solar Council writes ((23/3/15):

"If it was not clear before now, it is crystal clear the Government is not serious about getting a deal on the Renewable Energy Target. Today, Ministers Macfarlane and Hunt met with selected industry representatives to tell them 32,000 gigawatt hours is their final offer, and they better move the ALP or else they are doing a deal with the cross bench.

"The Labor Opposition has consistently rejected 32,000 gigawatt hours. Crossbench Senators long ago rejected 32,000 gigawatt hours. What it really shows is that the Government just isn’t serious.

"The Australian Solar Council was specifically excluded from today’s meeting. Now, we have been critical of the Abbott Government but a serious, mature government – a good government - talks to its critics as well as its friends. Those attending say Industry Minister, Ian Macfarlane, yelled at the participants in the meeting and threatened to storm out of his own meeting. That is not how serious, mature, good governments operate.

"In contrast I was really pleased to be involved in two significant events today showing massive support for the Renewable Energy Target. Both show just out of touch this government is.

"First, the Solar Council joined 21 other major community organisations sending an open letter to the Prime Minister calling on him to keep his election promise to maintain the existing Renewable Energy Target. The group of 22 environmental, social, religious, youth, health and renewable organisations represent more than 10 million Australians and all want the Prime Minister to step in and give the Australian people a clean, sustainable, renewable energy future. 

"Second, I was really pleased to join Professor Tim Flannery, the head of the Climate Council, to launch their latest report The Global Renewable Energy Boom: How Australia is Missing Out The Climate Council report shows that as all of our major trading partners are investing heavily in renewable energy and at an increasing pace, Australia has put out the 'Closed For Business' sign.

"A good government would be taking advantage of the global renewables boom.  When are we going to get a good government in Australia?"


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