Dick Warburton denies nodding off

2nd September 2014

On ABC Radio National Breakfast (2/9/14):

Richard Inwood, Group General Manager for Tindo Solar:  “ … Tony Abbott said that he would maintain the RET … so we were quite excited to have the RET Review committee here, [at the Tindo Solar factory in South Australia but] during the sit down after the tour it became apparent that the level of genuine interest [shown by the Review Committee] was mediocre, I think even Dick Warburton nodded off at one point … he didn’t seem to be overly interested which may be indicative of … a lack of genuine interest in the outcome here ….”

Gregg Borschmann, environment editor:  “But his key point, Dick Warburton’s key point … in fact he’s called the RET (the Renewable Energy Target) a 22 billion dollar hit against tax payers, the renewable sector should be able to stand on its own two feet.”

Richard Inwood: “Well that’s clearly inaccurate, the tax payers don’t fund the RET or the Renewable Energy Certificates that are a part of that policy, it’s polluters, it’s emitters of carbon that pay that as a right to pollute – that’s the absolute fact, so the taxpayer doesn’t pay for it and the reward is of course for people who invest in product and an outcome that doesn’t emit carbon into the atmosphere, so that’s how the system works, creating brand new jobs and skills for this country …”

Fran Kelly: [ABC Radio National] "Breakfast  did approach Dick Warburton for a comment ... and he said he didn't really understand what Robert [sic] Inwood was talking about when he referred to someone nodding off during the visit."

In all fairness you wouldn’t would you – if you were asleep. And if you were awake you would probably be taking a keen interest in the subject and know that the person speaking to you was called Richard, not Robert.

If you have been reviewing the RET for some months you might be expected to pick up that your key point, that the RET was part of the tax system was incorrect, unless of course you’ve been napping or worse, being deceitful.

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