Dirty Coal

3rd September 2014

Tim Flannery and Fiona Stanley write in the SMH (2/9/14):

"Health risks from coal include lung cancer, bronchitis, heart disease and other health conditions. ... 

"In Australia, the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering estimated that the ill-effects of coal costs the country $2.6 billion annually. ... 

"Despite global momentum shifting away from highly polluting coal, Australia remains heavily reliant on ageing and inefficient coal-fired power. And, alarmingly, there is no consistent air, water, soil quality monitoring at and around every coal mine and power station in Australia. 

The real cost of electricity from coal on health, the environment and future generations must be considered. And with mounting scientific evidence and positive developments by the global powers - it is time for coal's human health risks to be embedded in all energy and resources policy and investment decisions in Australia. The nation should be switching to cleaner, healthier energy options, such as wind and solar power. Weakening or scrapping the Renewable Energy Target, in favour of dirty coal is not the way forward."

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/we-must-kill-dirty-coal-before-it-kills-us-20140902-10b8lk.html#ixzz3CEFsQnuG