EU on target to reach 20% Renewables by 2020

14th March 2014

Whilst Australia reviews its Renewable Energy Target (currently set at 20%) Brian Kahn, in Climate Central (12/3/14) reports that the EU members are well on their way to meeting thir targets (oh and plus a 20% improvement in energy efficiency):

"Overall, the EU received 14.1 percent of its energy from renewable sources in 2012, a roughly 6 percent increase since 2004. If that rate continues, the EU should be on track to meet its goal of using 20 percent renewable energy by 2020. 

"The renewable energy goals are part of a larger the EU’s “20-20-20” strategy, a three-pronged approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. In addition to a 20 percent increase in renewables, members states have also committed to helping the EU reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent below 1990 levels and improve energy efficiency by 20 percent. 

"Though 2020 is still 8 years away, the EU is already looking beyond it. Recent EU negotiations have set a goal for renewables to provide 27 percent of all EU energy while reducing emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030."

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