Feedback on Solar Hot Water

11th May 2015
Category Solar Hot Water
Going Solar Award Winning Solar Hot Water at MLC Marshmead

It’s always good to receive positive feedback on our systems and actually it’s critical to know how systems perform over the longer period.

Marshmead is in our minds because it’s one of our award winning solar hot water projects (see the case study: ) but there is more to the story.

Marshmead is the Methodist Ladies College campus near Mallacoota in far eastern Victoria. In 2010 Going Solar designed and installed an innovative solar hot water service on the Margaret Williams Centre which involved both flat-plate solar panels and evacuated tube collectors. To our knowledge there is no other system like this in Australia and we received an industry award (in 2011) for the “Best Design and Installation of a Solar Water Heater”.

However this is only part of the story because around the same time (in 2010) we designed and installed five new solar hot water services and upgraded eleven others on the teacher and student houses.

This week (May 2015) we received feedback that all of these systems have worked trouble-free for 5 years now, and continue to work extremely well. This is good news, as it demonstrates how a solar hot water system, where it is well designed and utilising quality components, can be a considerable asset in any building program – not to mention providing nice, free hot showers!