Four Corners: Power to the People

15th July 2014

A must see Four Corners (7/7/14):

"Technology is making alternative sources of energy cheaper, more user-friendly and, crucially, it's decentralising production to the rooftops of homes and commercial buildings across Australia. So why is the Federal Government moving away from its commitment to renewable sources of energy? Why would it consider reducing renewable energy targets, favouring greenhouse-gas emitting coal and gas?

"... If it decides to wind back the policy clock and downplay renewables, it will lose a high-tech cutting-edge industry while it props up old-style big polluters. As economist and author Jeremy Rifkin puts it, the choice is stark: 'It's ridiculous. Australia's the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy. There's so much sun, there's so much wind off the coast, and so it makes absolutely no sense when you have an abundance of renewable energy, [to] rely on a depleting supply of fossil fuels with all of the attendant consequences to society and the planet'."

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