Government taking its cue from business and not science

13th March 2014

Sophie Vorrath reports in Renew Economy (13/3/14):

"The Abbott government is taking its cue on climate policy from big business and industry, and not from the science, says the Climate Change Authority’s Bernie Fraser. Speaking at the National Press Club on Thursday, the Authority’s chair expressed (frequently) his puzzlement at the reluctance of Australia’s federal government 'to embrace the science, despite its credentials, and to perceive of the urgency of doing something; of at least starting the task' of tackling dangerous climate change. ... 

"[Bernie Fraser said]: 'It would be nice to think that the big companies involved in coal, electricity… could see that they, too, might need to become more willing participants in the (climate action) debate we have to have ... but to get there, the government has to want to have that conversation. If policy makers accept the science , they must act on it', Fraser said. But instead, 'the government is backing in business interests ahead of community interests. The price on carbon is to go, the RET is to be reviewed and possibly headed for a downgrade'…"

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