More on No More National Parks

6th March 2014

More from the ‘we get the government we deserve’ department:

Christine Milne writes in the Daily Telegraph (6/3/14):

"In the 21st century there is no economic future in trashing our environment. There are more jobs and opportunities in conserving native forests than there are in cutting them down and shipping them away. A further reality that some Liberals refuse to accept is that there is no market for unsustainable native forestry anyway. The forest industry and the jobs in it will die painfully if people like Tony Abbott refuse to accept this. The PM’s rhetoric in which he argued the environment is 'meant for man and not just the other way around', is extraordinary."

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Meantime Tom Arup wites in The Age (6/3/14):

"Cattle grazing will return to Victoria's Alpine National Park after federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt approved a state government trial to have 60 to 300 cows in the park. Mr Hunt's approval stands in contrast to the Gillard government which blocked a similar – albeit larger – cattle grazing trial, on the grounds it would damage the environment and the heritage values of the alpine region. The Napthine government has pursued the trial saying it is necessary to test whether grazing reduces the risk of bushfires by removing fuel loads. Conservationists say there is little scientific rigour behind the program and past research shows cattle grazing has no impact on stopping bushfires, while damaging sensitive alpine ecology."

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 Justin McManus  The Age 6/3/14