Nice accolades on Going Solar systems

12th March 2014

It's always nice to receive unsolicited feedback on our systems and today we received two comments:

Firstly regarding Mark Colwell, one of our PV system designers:

“As for feedback I would like to say that it has been a great experience dealing with Going Solar through Mark Colwell. Planning phase for this solar installation commenced about 18 months ago when my wife and I also commenced the planning for the construction of our new home which has now been completed. I researched a number of solar companies and obtained a number of assessments and quotes.

“Mark impressed me from the outset with his enthusiasm and genuine desire to present all the facts and to take the time and trouble to honestly assess the potential for a suitable solar system to be installed. In fact initial assessments indicated that a system may not be worthwhile. However after being able to modify my building site and remove some existing restrictions and negative environmental factors i.e. wrong trees in wrong locations I invited Mark back for another look whilst at the same time Mark had further investigated various solutions to possible shading issues etc etc and as such introduced the micro-inverter system as a good solution. This coupled with me taking steps to ‘open the sky up’ has resulted in a fantastic system being installed.

“Mark visited the site a number of times over the past several months until we were ready to go ahead. Mark has always been honest and genuine in his representations to me and as an employee of Going Solar. In my view Mark represents the highest standards in client / customer service which also reflects very positively on your company and as such I would not hesitate to highly recommend Going Solar to anyone who is interested in solar energy. I must also say that the installers were great as they genuinely were interested in providing a quality installation. I can sleep easy!!!”

Spiro Agius, Vermont South, 11/3/14


And from one of the local Councils, regarding the work by Mark Donaldson, who designs our hot water systems, in this case for four systems over three community buildings:

“Thank you for your great work and assistance on this project, most invaluable. Your professionalism and attention to detail was second to none. Please also pass on our thanks to the install team.”

One of the solar hot water systems is pictured above.