No more national parks as Tony Abbott pledges to support loggers

5th March 2014
No more national parks according to Prime Minister Tony Abbot

From the ‘we get the government we deserve’ department, Matthew Knott in the Canberra Times (5/3/14) reports:  “Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said he will not support the creation of any more national parks in a speech lauding timber workers as ‘the ultimate conservationists’. … Greens leader Christine Milne said: ‘Who in the 21st century would say the environment is meant for man and not just the other way around? There is no economic future for Australia in trashing our precious native forests and national parks ... In pandering to the forestry industry the Prime Minister's statements last night reveal he's not only anti-environment and anti-conservation, he's anti-jobs’.”  Read the full article at:

There is also a poll where you can find out who agrees with the Prime Minister that Australia has too many national parks.

But I didn’t see anything about protecting the animals and birds that share (?) this planet, let alone their habitat.

Stephen Ingrouille, Principal, Going Solar Pty Ltd