An open letter to Mr Abbott

17th March 2014

In an open letter, Lachlan Bateman (a former Going Solar employee) wrote, in the Climate Spectator (9/9/13), to the Prime Minister about the government's energy policy direction. Here are some excepts:

"We are not alone in facing the challenges of redefining our energy system, in fact we are lagging behind many other countries in this regard. I have been seeing a general acceptance of this trend by many of our energy industry clients including many of the electricity network service providers who are facing significant changes and challenges but are seeking solutions to be able to incorporate increased levels of renewable energy and smart-grid technologies. ... I have focused on coal in particular in response to the Coalition’s explicit stated aim to restore coal-fired power stations to profitability, however there is a general emphasis in your policies of propping up old and carbon-intensive forms of energy generation and distribution at the expense of investing in low carbon forms of generation such as solar and wind and smart-grid technologies. Intelligently deployed, these technologies are cost effective today and can also improve overloaded and unstable electricity networks. ... As succinctly put by the IEA’s chief economist back in 2011 'as each year passes without clear signals to drive investment in clean energy, the lock-in of high-carbon infrastructure is making it harder to meet our energy security and climate goals… Delaying action is a false economy'. This statement was made almost two years ago and is even more pertinent today. ..."

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