Our solar hybrid install in The Age

23rd January 2015
Going Solar hybrid install

Going Solar's hybrid system for Susan & Ian Wilson featured in The Age this week.

The system consists of world leading Australian technology with:

Australian Selectronic SP PRO 4.5kW interactive inverter charger,

Selectronic MyGrid battery kit with 16kWh energy storage (10kWh useable) using German Sonnenschein gel batteries,

3.6kW Winaico solar array with German KACO Powador 3002 solar grid connect inverter in AC coupled configuration.


Jason Dowling from The Age reports (20/01/15):

"Hybrid cars are so last year. It's time to start thinking hybrid houses. As cost-of-living pressures increase, home owners are moving to solar power and even hybrid power systems, using solar panels and batteries to minimise bills. Industry experts estimate that by 2030 every second detached home in Victoria could have solar panels, and increasing numbers will have hybrid systems.

"Ian Wilson considers his $20,000 hybrid solar and battery power system a retirement investment, reducing his everyday expenses. Since installing the system, the household power bill has dropped by two-thirds and the house is now immune from blackouts.

"The Croydon home is fitted with a 3.6kw solar power system and a 16kw battery system that can be used when energy from the grid is at its most expensive.  Mr Wilson, 58, said he expects to get at least 20 years out of the system and it made sense for environmental and economic reasons. 'We have used almost no peak hour energy at all since getting batteries ... we did have a power outage in the area and sailed through it, [it was an] automatic switch over', he said.

"Solar remains a popular investment, despite the minimum amount power companies must pay back to homes in Victoria for the power they send back to the grid reducing to 6.2 cents per kilowatt hour from the start of January – down from 8 cents."

Read the full report at: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/solar-to-power-every-second-home-in-vi...

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