Over 400 at Save Solar Public Meeting in Ringwood

10th October 2014
Save Solar at Ringwood

Some of the Going Solar staff attended the Save Solar Community Forum at Ringwood on Thursday 9th October. Here is a report from the Australian Solar Council:

"For the fourth time, the Save Solar Community Forum was a full house with over 400 people turning out to save the Renewable Energy Target. A broad cross section of the community attended, from blue collar workers and families to pensioners. John Grimes summed up the breadth of support for solar. 'What has become clear is that there's no stopping us. Voters will keep turning out at Save Solar Forums across Australia. Australians love solar and won't stand by while the Abbott Government strips away one of Australia's most successful and popular policies. All political parties should commit to a new renewable energy target of 50% by 2030'."

Stephen Ingrouille at the Save Solar Community Forum, Ringwood

Going Solar Principal, Stephen Ingrouille, spoke briefly on the importance of stability for business with regards to the Renewable Energy Target (RET).  

He also took the opportunity to address the many politicians (and budding politicians) in the room that changes to any programs need to phased in slowly over a number of months but that sudden chopping and changing in Government policy was very disruptive. Such disruption can lead to a long term loss of expertise from the industry.

Stephen also mentioned that the RET was a useful sales tool – a welcome incentive for customers  – that levered much more private investment in clean renewable energy. Basically the RET is working well and as it is not broken, why try to wreck it?


Stephen Ingrouille, John Grimes and Wayne Smith at 60L

Going Solar Principal, Stephen Ingrouille (left) meeting up with the Australian Solar Council's John Grimes and Wayne Smith at 60L in Carlton the following day.

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