Public Meeting in Barton, NSW on the RET

18th September 2014
Bill Shorten and Christine Milne at Barton public meeting

Judging by the empty chair bearing his name, local Liberal MP Nickolas Varvaris seemed to be absent from a packed Save Solar public meeting in his electorate attended by Bill Shorten and Christine Milne:

"Local MP Nickolas Varvaris must be feeling nervous after a full house of solar voters once again turned out for the Save Solar Forum in his marginal electorate of Barton, Sydney.  'Labor is standing strong behind the RET... we are not for turning on the issue of renewable energy'. said Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten. Mr Shorten's office later told the ABC there would be no negotiation on the scaling back of the RET. 

"From Clive Palmer came a firm stance in support of the RET, read bySuellen Wrightson, candidate for Charleston. 'The Palmer United Party will block any attempt to reduce the Renewable Energy Target'.

"Christine Milne spoke passionately about the attack on a relatively new industry. 'The Abbott Government is determined to hold back the future. They'd like to bury solar to dig up more coal'.

"The crowd enthusiastically rallied behind John Grimes as he spelt out the pressure rising on the government on this issue. 'We've build a coalition of support all the way across the political spectrum from Christine Milne to Clive Palmer'.

"The next Save Solar Community Forum is coming to the Melbourne electorate of Deakin in the coming weeks."

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