Renewables vs Fossil Fuels

14th October 2014
Renewables vs Fossil Fuels, Solar Progress, October 2014

"Market analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance presents a compelling case for a commitment to renewable energy targets for the benefit of consumers, the environment, investors and the economy. But what is in store for the PV industry if the government succeeds in axing the Renewable Energy Target?  ....

"In a nutshell, the agency’s well publicised report reveals that cutting the renewables target will reduce competition among fossil-fuel power generators, trigger a 59 per cent decline in renewables investment and 11,100 job losses in a market beset by strong rises in electricity prices and a 5 per cent rise in power sector emissions. A win for fossil-fuel generators at the expense of the community at large; findings that are in keeping with the majority of market analysts."

Read the balance of Kobad Bhavnagri's article in Solar Progress (13/10/14): 


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