Responsible Travel

4th March 2014
Stephen Ingrouille and some friendly gibbons

In February 2014 I took a nine day trip to Cambodia to explore the concept of ‘responsible travel’ – what it means to travel responsibly and sustainably and how we can encourage it.

One of the issues of travel (and tourism) is that it can have a very negative effect on the people and places visited. On the other hand, travel can have great beneficial outcomes for both the travellers and the people being visited. It’s a matter of balance – but we do need to think about our travel and its consequences. Most people I’m sure don’t plan to do damage but the problem is that I suspect most people just don’t give it much thought to it either. And then there is the paradox of responsible travel – could that trip where you volunteer to help in a village somewhere deprive a local of much needed income? The answers are not always straightforward but these are some thoughts and concepts worthy of discussion. For an introduction to responsible travel have a look at:

Stephen Ingrouille, Principal, Going Solar Pty Ltd