RET recommendations 'potentially fatal'

15th September 2014

Kerrie Sinclair reports in The Courier-Mail (12/9/14):

"Jack Curtis, regional vice president for Asia Pacific at First Solar, the US’s largest solar panel company, said a reform proposal now being floated, as well as the proposals of a federal government-commissioned [RET] review released last month, were all potentially fatal to Australia’s renewable energy industry. ...

"Prime Minister Tony Abbott appointed climate change sceptic Dick Warburton to head a panel to review the RET and it recommended the target for large-scale renewable energy either be abolished or a target be set annually.

"GE, one of Australia’s largest foreign investors, has rejected the Warburton review proposals, saying either option would risk pushing up household power bills and raise sovereign risk issues for the Australian economy.

"First Solar on Thursday said the option that appeared to be emerging as the federal government’s possible compromise position would not be acceptable to the industry. ... 'Because it’s gradations of death for the industry. It’s a question of, ‘Do you want to die from one bullet in the head or two or three bullets in the head?’ It’s irrelevant because you’re still lying on the ground dead'. Mr Curtis said ... the renewable energy industry was offering important new opportunities for Australia’s manufacturing sector.”

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