The RET Review farce

3rd September 2014

Nigel Morris, Solar Business Services writes (2/8/14):

"The head of the RET Review (Dick Warburton) was interviewed on ABC radio today and drove more nails into the RET Review coffin. Yes, he’s a climate skeptic, it’s true he was head of Caltex but incredulously to everyone in this interview even he admitted that:

  1. 'Yes, the coal fired industry stands to gain around $9.1Billion dollars if the RET is cut' and,
  2. 'Yes, there is a reduction in wholesale energy costs to consumers (if the RET is retained)'  and,
  3. 'The Emissions Reductions Fund will be cheaper' (although),  'We don’t know what it will cost' and,
  4. 'The solar energy generators (industry) will decrease by possibly 30%”, but that  “The industry impact is an extreme exaggeration'

"These admissions, while not surprising to the renewable industry are an astounding admission that there is no costed alternative, thousands of jobs will be lost and yes, wealth will be transferred back to coal fired generators at the expense of consumers.

"Then, just when I though I’d heard it all yet another revelation was revealed.

"RenewEcomomy’s Giles Parkinson reported today that 'The firm hired by the Abbott government to conduct the modelling for its controversial review of the Renewable Energy Target has admitted it was instructed to ignore commercial reality – particularly around coal-fired power generation'."

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