Solar Citizens fight the Right Wing Media

2nd February 2017
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Solar Citizens fight the Right Wing Media

A message from  Maria Cirillo, Deputy National Director of Solar Citizens:

It’s been a long, hot summer of attacks on solar and renewable energy. Every single day this year, The Australian has run prominent smear pieces littered with “alternative facts.”

In Murdoch’s wacky version of reality, renewable energy caused the South Australian blackout, the Renewable Energy Target (and not gold-plating by power companies) is behind electricity price rises, ‘clean’ coal is an economically and technologically feasible option (pull the other one) and solar power is destabilising the grid. Of course, all of this is easily disproved claptrap. But relentless lies can have real-world consequences.

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In yesterday’s National Press Club address the Prime Minister confirmed that his government has no plans for renewables post 2020, saying the Target was “never intended to be perpetual”, and warned against state governments’ “mindless rush towards renewables.” [1]

What’s more, today’s headlines are saying that the PM and key ministers aren’t ruling out using public money from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to fund building so-called ‘clean’ coal power plants [2].

These bizarre announcements have been met with incredulity from peak business groups, with the Business Council of Australia and the Australian Industry Group restating support for the Target [3] and declaring ‘clean’ coal a dud investment [4]. The big three energy retailers are just as bamboozled, with AGL, Origin and Energy Australia indicating they have no intention of building any new coal plants in Australia [5].

So, what on earth is Turnbull playing at? Make no mistake, these announcements form part of a coordinated, brazen and insidious campaign by the Murdoch press, mining interests and the Coalition government to undermine renewables and set Australia’s energy system back decades.

Luckily, their campaign isn’t working on the Australian public…yet. Recent polling shows that the majority of Australians attribute electricity price rises to big power companies, not renewable energy [6].

And Australians love their solar. Already, 1.6 million households are literally taking back the power, investing in rooftop solar to cut bills and take control of their energy usage.

We cannot afford to be complacent. The anti-renewables ideologues will not give up and all Australians will suffer the consequences, unless we come together and fight back.

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Solar Citizens is already nipping at The Australian’s heels when it comes to circulation -- the newspaper only reaches 97,000 Australians, just a handful more than Solar Citizen’s 87,000 supporters. It’s only by all of us acting together that we can defeat this renewed attack on solar and renewables.


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