Sustainable Transport

The Problem of Parking

3rd February 2016

"If you totalled up all the land devoted to parking [in the US], it'd be roughly 6,500 square miles, bigger than Connecticut."

Freeing ourselves from car ownership

7th September 2015

“The number of Aussie car free households is on the rise, with almost 1 in 5 young singles living in a house with no car at all."

Bus or Tram? Or something else?

11th August 2015

"... when given a choice between equivalent light-rail and bus services, people overwhelmingly went for light rail."

Northern Laos

Cycling in Northern Laos

17th June 2015

The (June) 2015 CyclePower trip organised by Disability Sport & Recreation and supported by the Uniting Journeys Foundation.

Off to Laos

5th June 2015

Off to the mountains of Northern Laos with some Australian wheelchair athletes and thinking about responsible travel.