Swedish retailer energised by Australian sun

14th May 2014

From the 'setting a good example department' ... Ross Kendell reports (13/5/14):

"Ikea will install solar power systems on all its east coast stores this year, delivering the largest combined commercial installation in Australia. ... The install will include over 16,000 panels that have an annual output of 5.5 Gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity – broadly equivalent to 1 million Australian homes. The solar panels will take up the equivalent space of almost five soccer fields (32,870m2). ...

"The total installation will cover seven Ikea buildings, five stores in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, in addition to two merchandise pick-up locations. All new IKEA stores over the coming years will be built with solar panel energy systems already installed, the company said.

"Ikea’s 'People & Planet Positive' strategy for 2020 focuses on encouraging and contributing to a sustainable world that provides a great quality of life and protects the environment, Richard Wilson, Ikea Australia sustainability manager said. 'By maximising renewable energy, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint, contribute to a healthier environment – and work towards our global ambition of being energy independent by 2020,' he said."

Ref:  http://ethicalinvestor.com.au/swedish-retailer-energised-australian-sun/