Trifecta of broken promises for solar industry

14th May 2014

Here is the Australian Solar Council comment on the 2014 Federal Budget:

"The Australian Solar Council – the peak body for the solar industry - has slammed the Federal Government for delivering three broken solar promises. 'The Budget has delivered a trifecta of broken promises to the solar industry,' aid John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council. 'The Government promised the Australian people an additional million solar roofs by 2020. The Budget contains no funding to make this happen. A Million Solar Roofs is a mirage. The Government promised to maintain the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) but, instead, the Budget has delivered a death warrant for ARENA. Unless the Senate stands up to the Government, ARENA will be abolished. 

"The Government promised to maintain the Renewable Energy Target but every indication is this key policy will also be thrown on the scrapheap. The Budget is a boulevard of broken dreams for the solar industry. World-leading solar research and development will now end. For decades, Australian solar researchers have led the world, developing the solar technologies of today and the future, but that all ends today. Whilst the Government defends billions of dollars of fuel subsidies for wealthy miners, it has abolished our world-leading solar research. The Budget rips $1.3 billion from ARENA, making a combined $1.8 billion that has been ripped from the agency since the Government was elected'."

Ref: Email 14/5/14