Uranium − how low can it go?

30th May 2014

The 'Oil Shock' of the early 1970s and the movement against uranium mining and nuclear energy in the mid/late 70’s helped spur on the development and spread of renewable energy. Basically the feeling within the community was that we shouldn’t just be against something (nuclear) but rather we needed to be pro something (a solution to our energy needs eg renewables), particularly the then emerging – becoming commercially available – photovoltaic panels).

There are still those who think the ‘golden age’ of nuclear energy is just around the corner so it is interesting to see Jim Green’s very readable article in Climate Spectator (29/5/14). Here are some short excerpts: 

"The uranium industry hoped that the post-Fukushima spot price would rebound after it fell to $US50/pound ... but then it fell to $US40 ... and now it has fallen below $US30. ...

"An independent inquiry is long overdue to objectively weigh the economic benefits of Australia's uranium industry against its effects on environmental and public health, safety and security − particularly in the shadow of Fukushima."

Read the full article at: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2014/5/29/energy-markets/ura...