The Virtues of Coal

25th June 2015
Category General

Our 'friends' at the loony right-wing think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs have just published a report on the virtues of coal (June 2015). In the executive summary the author Brett Hogan described as the Director of Energy and Innovation Policy comes up with this doozey:

"While solar and wind power may very well have a place in future world energy supply, not even the most earnest activist can change the laws of physics and force solar power to work at night or in cloudy weather, wind power to work in calm conditions, or hydroelectric power to work in times of drought or in areas without large rivers or mountains."

If you follow this line of argument coal won't generate much electricity either unless it's dug up or if the mine is depleted! 

What's really amazing is that someone appointed as the Director of Energy and Innovation Policy appears to have no comprehension of energy storage.

If the rest of his document is up to the same high standard it wouldn’t be worth reading.