WINAICO extends solar product warranty to 15 years

20th February 2017
Winaico PV Panels

WINAICO improves the product warranty for the complete solar module portfolio to bring more protection to customers’ solar investments.

The new warranty terms complement the 25-year linear performance guarantee. By extending the product warranty to 15 years, WINAICO stays ahead of the market with longer duration of protection to the customers from material or production defects in solar modules.

The 25-year linear performance guarantee ensures a performance of at least 97% of rated performance in the first year, and an annual power degradation of no more than 0.7% in the following 24 years.

WINAICO Australia customers also receive complementary 3 in 1 System insurance for 2 years from the date of installation

“We are very pleased to provide this additional protection to our customers”, said Davis Chen, Chairman and CEO of WINAICO. “All WINAICO modules are produced in our own manufacturing plants at the headquarters in Taiwan. We monitor all stages of the production process of each module to ensure top quality for our modules. With the extension of our warranty terms we emphasise the trust in the performance of our solar modules, and more protection to our customers’ solar investments.”

The new warranty terms can be downloaded by clicking here