40 Albert Road – Solar Pergola

South Melbourne

  • Design Phase Commencement: July 2004
  • System Commissioning: August 2005

Client: Szencorp

Project Goals

To provide shade and weather protection to the rooftop deck area of the landmark 40 Albert Road building, additionally generating electricity.


  • 35 x 30W Schott Solar ASITHRU PV panels.
  • SMA 1100E Inverter
  • System size: 1050 Wp

First installation in Australia of the Schott Solar ASI-Thru building integrated PV laminates. Highly aesthetic installation.

A building design change that was not communicated to Going Solar almost disrupted successful functioning of the Solar Pergola. The erection of small parapet, not present upon supplied plans or at time of site inspection, cast a shadow over three panels. Though the problem was ultimately solved by installing some panels nearby, it illustrates the importance of keeping the Solar Project Team informed of any building design changes.