Box Hill TAFE – UPS, Solar Electricity and Wind

Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria

  • System Design: November 2009
  • System Installation: July 2010
  • System Commissioned: July 2010

Client: Box Hill TAFE

Project Goals

Design, supply and install of a grid-connected power system – PV and wind – complete with a battery storage system for uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The installation was designed to demonstrate a variety of technologies to TAFE college students.

[UPS = Uninterrupted Power Supply]



  • PV panels installed both flat-on-roof and on frames.
  • Inter-connected wind generator.
  • UPS to demonstrate battery storage and grid connection.
  • Dedicated, ventilated, battery room.
  • Data from SP-Pro inverter integrated with the Building Energy Management System.
  • LCD Display in the public reception area.
  • No metal to metal contact for increased life expectancy and corrosion avoidance.
  • Premium quality German, Australian and American components selected.
  • System size: 5.25kWp