Grid-Connected 3.33 kW PV System

Clifton Hill, Victoria

  • Design Phase Commencement: March 2011
  • Install and Commissioning: August 2011

Client: Graham B


System size: 3330W
Expected average daily AC output from inverter: 12.7 kWh/day
Array location: Nth facing, flat klip-lok roof.

Proposed Array = 3 rows of 6 x 185W Schott Monocrystalline panels.
Arrays to be split centrally on roof to allow for walkway between arrays for roof access, maintenance and cleaning (3 panels to East and 3 panels to West).
Arrays to be installed at 20 degree angle to ensure to over-shadowing in winter.
SMA SB3000-HF Grid Tie inverter selected to maximise system capacity.

Full supply and installation by Going Solar.


Actual output averaged 12.95 kWHr Per Day for the four years to end of August 2015.

See the customer's testimonal at right and the graphs below.