Off-Grid with SP PRO in Micro-grid Configuration

Regional Victoria

  • System Design: July - October 2013
  • System Installation: November 2013
  • System Commissioned: December 2013

Client: Happy customer

Project Goals

Off grid AC coupled solar power for three houses on the one property running underground 230V AC between the houses via a central battery and control room, in a micro-grid configuration.


  • 20 x 250W UpSolar PV panels
  • KACO Powador 6002

  • Australian Selectronic SP PRO 7.5kW 48V Interactive Inverter Charger (SPMC 482-AU)

  • BAE VRLA-GEL deep cycle battery, 2V 1831Ah @C100

  • Kubota Diesel generator - Lowboy GL9000

  • Efergy Energy Saving meter - wireless In Home Display IHD


An AC coupled 5kW Solar Stand-alone Power System. The micro-grid system has many advantages including:

  • co-locating the power control equipment in one location;
  • easy servicing;
  • easy upgrades for adding solar to the AC grid;
  • helping to overcome shading on roofs by providing other areas for the solar array.

This system provides a neat, practical and sustainable alternative to traditional diesel power for remote locations.

The client was happy with the installation and it travelled through summer without any auto generator starts. The generator was run only for testing.

Solar SPS meant that the site no longer had to run on diesel fuel, saving $1,000’s in fuel and transportation costs every year. It also saved the costs of grid connection. This shows that diesel is not the best option when it’s too expensive to connect to the grid.