Hybrid PV System (with Australian products)

Surrey Hills, Victoria

System Design: January/February 2015

Client: William Levecke

Project Goals

The client requested a PV installation for their 3-bedroom home to cover their electricity bill. However with over 70% of their electricity usage at night, they knew they would require battery storage so they could store their solar power for use in the evenings. The low feed-in tariff available, combined with every increasing electricity prices meant the investment in battery storage would actually reduce their electricity bills by providing tariff optimisation, increasing self-consumption and providing added benefits such as battery back-up if there was to be a blackout.

Additionally, they specified the use of Australian products where possible as they wanted to support the local solar industry and minimise their carbon footprint. They were seeking a long term economical and environmentally friendly solution.      


A 3.75kW solar array was mounted on a corrugated tin roof of the garage, at the rear of the property. Since the garage roof was small, our design included the use of multiple roof aspects, mounting as many panels as possible on the north and west roofs. To maximise the panel count and fit with the roof’s batten spacing, the panels were mounted in portrait for 8 on the west side and in landscape for 7 on the north side. 

Selectronic MyGrid + SP PRO + Enphase micros + 15 Tindo DC modules
3.75kW solar
10kWh battery storage


Our industry – and the wider community – expects a significant shift towards onsite energy storage in the near future. This bespoke arrangement sets the example of how systems can not only work for the customer but how they can be designed around a client’s particular needs and requirements.

It may be that in the future hybrid kit systems are wheeled into many sites but there will always be a need for specialist design skills and quality installations for some sites.

The other contribution is that the significant components are Australian designed and made thus supporting the manufacturing side of our industry.

This system is a finalist in the 2015 Clean Energy Awards.