Hybrid PV System (using Hy-Tech components)

Coburg, Victoria

  • System Design: January 2015 - April 2015
  • System Install: July 2015
  • Commissioned: August 2015

Client: Mauricio Diaz - Chavarro

Project Goals

Design, supply and install of a hybrid solar power system for household supply using the Hy-Tech hybrid system.

A hybrid system is connected to to the reticulated power grid but has some batteries so that excess PV power generated during the day can be stored in batteries for use that evening (or for use in a power blackout).

The amount of stored power depends on the number and size of solar panels, the number and capacity of the batteries and the control equipment. These factors being determined by the amount of available space and the budget.


The Hy-Tech IP55 outdoor rated enclosure (approx 1800 x 1000 x 600mm) contains all solar control gear, inverter charger, switch gear in one section and a ventilated battery compartment in the other.


Solar array size: 4,480W
Approx Average Daily Yield: 15.6 kWh/day
Approx Annual Generation: 5,694 kWh/yr
Annual Power Bill Offset: (@ $0.25/kWh) = $1423/yr
Annual Greenhouse Gas Offset: 7.4 Tonnes/yr
(Figures are approximate for non-shaded conditions)

Battery Usage Pattern = Tariff Optimisation (Night-Time Use)

Battery Storage: 7.5kWh

Battery Bank 48V 340Ah @C10

1800 Cycles @ 50% Depth of Discharge (DOD)

PV Array: 4480W AC COUPLED

Inverter: SMA 5000TL

Inverter/Charger Continuous Power = 5000W

Hy-Tech cabinet (including control equipment and battery system) located at side of house, under eave