Kildonan UnitingCare

Collingwood, Victoria

  • Design Phase Commencement: October 2014
  • System Installation: June 2015
  • System Commissioned: June 2015

Client: Kildonan Uniting Care

Project Goals

Install a PV system to reduce the running costs of the Kildonan UnitingCare office in Collingwood (and also one at their Epping office).


Kildonan UnitingCare is an innovative and trusted community service organisation within one of Australia’s largest welfare networks, UnitingCare Australia.

A 26kWp PV system using quality components was designed and installed.  We chose Winaico solar panels and SMA inverters (for both jobs).

System size: 26,000W or 26kW
Expected Generation: 32,850 kWh/yr
Greenhouse Gas Offset: 39,748 kg CO2/yr

An important factor was the requirement for a system monitoring portal which we installed and configured.


Going Solar also installed a 15.6kWp PV system on the Kildonan UnitingCare office in Epping, Victoria.

Both systems can be monitored remotely by the client, by Going Solar, and by others as required.