Monash Sustainability Institute - Solar Electricity

Monash University, Building 74, Clayton Campus, Melbourne, Victoria

  • System Design: March 2011
  • System Installation: September 2011
  • System Commissioned: September 2011

Client: Monash University

Project Goals

Upgrade of exiting PV system with additional PV panels and replacement inverter. Design, supply and install of a grid-connected power system for a university building.


  • Dismantling of existing PV System.
  • 20 x 190W Schott Solar PV panels (added to existing 9 x 150W BP panels).
  • Standardised framing located on the roof.
  • Sunnyboy SB 5000TL transformerless duel-input inverter.
  • Sunny WebBox communication system.
  • SMA Sensor Box to monitor solar radiation, wind speed and ambient air temperature.
  • Complete system documentation including maintenance schedule and log sheets.
  • Expanded system size: 5.15kW
  • Expected output: 7120kWh/year