PV System (with Australian Tindo Solar & Latronics inverter)

Brunswick, Victoria

  • System Design: June 2014
  • System Install & Commissioned: August 2014

Client: Paul Sinclair

Project Goals

Going Solar is proud to support world leading Australian design, innovation and manufacturing jobs, culminating in an all-Australian solar system installation.

Tindo Solar panels are manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia and are proud to be 100% Australian owned.  'Tindo' means 'Sun' in the Kaurna Warra Aboriginal language which is the language of the peoples indigenous to the Adelaide plains on which the Tindo solar panel manufacturing plant is situated. Since 1985, Queensland based Latronics have manufactured a wide range of inverters for off grid systems and for solar grid connect applications. 


  • 10 x 250W Australian made Tindo Solar Karra-DC PV panels (mounted across 2 roof areas)
  • Australian made Latronics TG3600 grid connect inverter
  • 2.5kWp system


The beautiful sleek black frame & black back sheet of the Tindo solar panel give the impression of a floating solar array on the roof. With a 55mm frame, we're impressed with the Tindo solar panels, as they truly live up to all expectations and handle like the sturdiest on the market. The lip in the frame allows the panels mounting clamps to be hidden away to continue the sleek black look that is an architect's dream. 


Tindo Karra Solar Panel


The Latronics inverter features a simple and effective Wifi portal and in combination with the Pipit 500 In Home Display (IHD), allow the customer to constantly monitor solar system performance and see what energy savings can be made, just by being aware of how much appliances are costing you to run.


Paul, and the PV system installed by Going Solar on his house, featured on Melbourne's Channel 9 News at the end of January 2016. See the video file below which contains some interesting statistics on solar installations in Australia.