PV System (with in-line filter to reduce radio interference)

Ballan, Victoria

  • System Design: August 2015 - October 2015
  • System Installation: November 2015
  • System Commissioned: November 2015

Client: Bruce Kendall

Project Goals

The components in a PV system (inverter and associated wiring) naturally radiate a level of electromagnetic energy that results in noise that can interfere with other electronic devices (e.g. AM/FM/digital/shortwave radios, TV, mobile and cordless telephones, CPAP machines, two-way radio transceivers, audio/home entertainment systems, etc). The aim of this project was to use design techniques to significantly reduce each source of interference that will allow radio, electronic and communications equipment in use at this site  to be used by the client to transmit and receive interference-free signals and not cause unwanted interference to consumer devices. These design techniques are also useful in rural areas where TV and radio receivers are often located long distances from transmission sites,  signals are weaker and sources of interference must be kept to a low level so that the signal integrity is preserved and programs can be watched and listened to in comfort. 


System size: 3.12 kW
Expected Generation: 4,099 kWh/yr (11.232 kWh/day)
Greenhouse Gas Offset: 5,329 kg CO2/yr
Energy Bill Savings: 4,099 kWh x $0.29/kW = $1,188.18/yr
Payback assumes avg. energy cost over payback period and 100% energy will be consumed on site