Regional Rail Link - Footscray Station

Footscray, Victoria (also PV systems at Sunshine and West Footscray)

Client: Regional Rail Link (Consortium)

Project Goals

The client’s goals were to generate energy on site, to have a PV system that was visually appealing to the public, and to be seen to be taking an active and obvious role in emissions reduction.


The client, whilst building a new state-of-the-art train station, specified that the design was to provide the maximum solar yield yet still fit in with the pattern of the architecture and the industrial features of the building.  

With careful and considered design we were able to achieve the best results with installation whilst the railway line was still on operation.


Our client (the railway construction consortium) was extremely happy with our professional approach to project management, safety plan and quick solutions for the many problems the project entailed.   The end client (the government) is also very happy with the success of this project.

An unexpected outcome was that the construction consortium entered this station into some railway industry awards. It won two categories:

  • Sustainable Design Recognition Award (including the PV panel systems)
  • Environmental Sustainability Award (including the PV panel systems)

This project was also a finalist in the 2015 Solar Industry Awards