Solar Hot Water with Wood Stove Back-up

Riddells Creek, Victoria

  • System Design: April 2008
  • System Installation: June 2008
  • System Commissioned: June 2008

Client: Private Client

Project Goals

Design, supply and install a domestic solar hot water service.


Rinnai Beasley Close Coupled Unit:

  • 330L stainless steel tank;
  • 2 x Excelsior frost tolerant collectors;
  • Internal Infinity 26 LPG booster with settings  preset to 60ºC fixed for solar.

Jindara wood heater/oven with a stainless steel flue water jacket.

Tedson heat exchanger and expansion tank.


The special features of this system are the use of:

  • A heat exchanger to provide wood stove back-up while still allowing mains-pressure hot water delivery.
  • LPG instantaneous booster to deliver water at safe temperatures.
  • Special frost tolerant collectors (warranted to -6ºC) to provide protection without the need for pumps, frost valves or glycol.

One special aspect of this installation is the provision of mains pressure hot water while the primary supplementary heating is from a wood stove. This is achieved by the innovative use of a heat exchanger.

An LPG gas booster was also installed to ensure that water is always heated to appropriate levels for health and safety. Special care was taken in both design and installation to ensure a neat and tidy job.