Springfield Park Pavilion - Solar Electricity

Box Hill North, Melbourne, Victoria

  • System Design: July-October 2012
  • System Installation: December 2012
  • System Commissioned: December 2012

Client: Whitehorse City Council

Project Goals

Design, supply and install a grid-connected power system for a community sports pavilion.


  • Roof-mounted photovoltaic array consisting of 40 x 265W Winaico Mono PV Modules.
  • 40 x Enecsys Micro-Inverters
  • Complete system documentation including maintenance schedule and log sheets.
  • System Size: 10,200 W
  • Expected Average Output: 40kWhr/day
  • Approx. Annual Generation: 14,600kWh/year
  • Direct Annual Bill Offset:  $3,650 @25c/kWhr

The Enecsys micro inverters are installed on the rack at the back of each solar module instead of using central inverters. Benefits include significantly increased energy harvest and lower lifetime cost of solar photovoltaic systems, increased inverter reliability to match the life of the solar modules, comprehensive web-based monitoring and a communications system that analyses and reports the performance of each solar module to enable system performance optimisation, simplification of PV array design, ease of installation, and improved safety.