Tigo module maximisers & monitoring

Port Melbourne

  • System Design: June 2013
  • System Installation: July 2013
  • System Commissioned: July 2013

Client: Jim Beringer

Victorian Feed-In Tariffs

Project Goals

Design, supply and install a grid-connected power system for household supply using Tigo Energy Module-level Maximisers to reduce shading impact from large tree on street (on north-west side of roof). Plus solar & electricity usage monitoring to allow householders to manage their energy usage and take advantage of solar Feed-in and Time of Use tariffs. 


  • Roof-mounted photovoltaic array consisting of 13 x 260W Winaico polycrystalline PV panels
  • SMA Sunny Boy SB4000TL Inverter
  • 7 x Tigo Dual Maximisers 300W MM-2ES50
  • 1x Tigo MMU, Gateway & monitoring
  • 1x Watts Clever solar & electricity usage monitor with In-Home Display (IHD)
  • Complete system documentation including maintenance schedule and log sheets.
  • System Size: 3380 W
  • Expected Average Output: 4000kWh/year