Turner St Kindergarten – Solar Electricity and Solar Hot Water

Pascoe Vale, Melbourne, Victoria

  • PV System Design: October 2010
  • PV System Installation/Commissioned: April 2011
  • SHW System Design: June 2010
  • SHW System Installation/Commissioned: March 2011

Client: Turner Street Pre-School Kindergarten

Project Goals

Design, supply and install a grid-connected power system and a solar hot water system for a community building.


PV Project Features: 

  • Roof-mounted photovoltaic array consisting of 18 x 235 W Schott Solar poly PV panels.
  • Kaco 4200 W Inverter
  • Complete system documentation including maintenance schedule and log sheets.
  • System Size: 4050 W
  • Expected Average Output: 15 kWhr/day

SHW Project Features: 

  • Premium split gas-boosted solar hot water system to replace electric storage unit.
  • Rinnai Prestige 250L Stainless Steel Tank.
  • 2 x Rinnai Excelsior Premium Copper Collectors.
  • Rinnai Solar Infinity External Natural Gas Booster.
  • Rinnai System Manual and User Guide.